Slipstream combines the talents and perspectives of a Harvard PhD anthropologist and writer, a National Geographic photographer and filmmaker, a former Patagonia art director, and a Digitas brand strategist alum. Together, we develop strategy and craft stories that bring your cause or brand to life through words, images, film and design.

We all seek human connection.

The best stories — the ones that touch us and make a mark — are about real people, real struggles, real triumphs. And yet, too much content is bogged down with jargon, stats, and stock imagery that fail to make that crucial connection. We shatter that mold with storytelling and design that put a human face on abstract topics — partnering with organizations to ground their brands in authenticity and purpose.

Understanding is the first step to empathy.

Whether it’s climate change, the science of immunotherapy, global health, or the promise of genomics, the most important stories are also the hardest to tell. As relentlessly curious and seasoned documentarians, we live for this challenge. Whatever the subject, we dive deep into the details until we find a clear signal in the surrounding noise.

Results are all that matter.

The most beautiful stories are just squandered effort if they don’t find their mark and drive the results that count. That’s why we start with strategy, partnering closely with internal teams to hone messaging, understand audience and define success. We match the medium to the strategy, crafting story assets for the full range of channels: long- and short-form film, written stories and profiles, photography, infographics, websites, and more. Our aim with every piece is the same: to spur action, create halos, and make people proud of the work they do.